Follow Your Detour, Find Your Flower | Amy Oestreicher | TEDxSyracuseUniversity
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Published on Jun 16, 2016 At 18 years old, Amy Oestreicher had her life all figured out: go to college, star on Broadway, and conquer the world. When a blood clot literally caused her stomach to explode, Amy's life took some unexpected "detours." In this talk, Amy explains why being a "Detourist" has inspired her to transform obstacles in her path into opportunities for growth by finding the "flowers" rom her detour, using all aspects creativity - music, art, writing and theatre - to heal and find the positive. Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, artist, author, speaker for RAINN, writer for The Huffington Post, award-winning health advocate, actress and playwright, eagerly sharing the lessons learned from trauma through her writing, performance, art and speaking. Amy’s “beautiful detour” inspired her to create the #LoveMyDetour movement, a campaign inspiring people to flourish because of, rather than in spite of challenges. As the Eastern Regional Recipient of the Great Comebacks Award, Amy has spoken to hundreds of WOCN nurses on behalf of ostomates nationwide. She contributes to over 70 online and print publications, and her story has appeared on the TODAY Show, CBS, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen Magazine, among others. Amy is currently touring college campuses with a program combining mental health advocacy, sexual assault awareness and Broadway Theatre as well as her one-woman autobiographical musical, Gutless & Grateful.
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