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Wendy Flanagan 3

by Wendy Flanagan in General about December 30, 2016 open - report

Using intuition.

I am working on my spiritual development as I wish to learn and grow, especially at this time on Earth when the energies are ascending. My family seem uninterested and want to keep on their old path. I love them but the door to dicussion on anything about spirituality is firmly closed. Any ideas welcome as how to cope with their response.

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  • Beth Stenzel 11

    by Beth Stenzel about Jan 12

    I am in a simular situation Wendy and agree with Dave that finding other resources for disscusion and learning is wise. You asked about "coping" with your families response. For me it has helped to remember that although these souls are family on your journey this time, we are all on individual paths.Keep open doors with them. What can you learn from them, why are they traveling with you at this time, what part do they plan in your journey? If it is thier approval you seek, know you don't need it or the approval of anyone but yourself. Wishing you continued growth and a magical journey ♡♡
  • Dave A 45

    by Dave A about December 30, 2016

    Hi Wendy, part of spiritual path includes learning how to keep your vibration strong regardless of anyone else. While this is very difficult, it's also quite possible since you get to decide how you feel. The second you let them dictate how you feel, you give them power over you. Contributing to sites like this, with like minded people will also help you in terms of support. Finally, if you're interested, I'd recommend reading Abraham Hicks (specifically the book The Vortex) and Wayne Dyer (try The Power of Intention), to help you on your journey. All the best and remember you have a community here who live very spiritual lives and can help.
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    • Wendy Flanagan
      by Wendy Flanagan
      Jan 1

      Thank you Davo, I appreciate your help .
      Good wishes for 2017.

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