How to Shift a Paradigm

If you have ever felt stuck or discouraged by the loftiness of your dreams, this podcast interview with Bob Proctor offers realistic hope for the future. Find out how to get the Law of Attraction and your paradigm to work for you, rather than against you, in achieving your dreams… The post How to Shift a Paradigm appeared first on Proctor Gallagher Institute.
How to Shift a Paradigm

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Linda Tucker, a psychotherapist, and psychoanalyst, for the 100th episode of her Challenge Your Thinking podcast series.

It’s a fantastic series where Dr. Tucker interviews people who have challenged themselves, faced their fears and accomplished great things.

In our 49-minute discussion, Dr. Tucker asked me about the Law of Attraction, various stages of my life, my approach to understanding the human mind, what it takes to shift a paradigm and how to plant and cultivate seeds for growth and success in your future.

In this podcast, you’ll hear:

  • (2:41)—A detailed explanation of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration that makes these laws easy to understand
  • (9:18)—How I have sown the seeds that have been planted in different stages of my life to get where I am today
  • (16:12)—The real reason people have so much difficulty getting over their problems
  • (18:18)—How to solve our problems, and change our lives and the world
  • (25:24)—How someone who has had trauma or real difficulty in the past can change his or her life
  • (30:48)—When and where real change occurs
  • (33:40)—How to change a paradigm
  • (37:42)—How to express the perfection that is within you
  • (44:29)—How to stay vibrant and energetic as you age

Click here to listen to this podcast now:

It will challenge your thinking and help you start to gain mastery over your mind.

To your success,

Bob Proctor

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